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Breaking Bones 2 The Passages / 2:42

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Breaking Bones 2 The Passages

Year of Production: 2024

The main focus of the series revolves around a group of executives in authority who decide to reach the hard disk owned by "Abu Rula", as it contains files, recordings, and proof of operations related to a huge corruption network that they manage, revealing them is considered a disaster that could befall and destroy them.

A group of main events take place within poor popular neighborhoods, engulfed in the fire of conflict between influential people, we also note the suffering of ordinary citizens who are burdened by everything, and the only thing they can do is cling to the threads of hope...


Breaking Bones / 1:55

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Breaking Bones

Year of Production: 2022

With this series we face the issues of corruption, which are more like cancer that consumes people’s bones and the structure of society. 

We spot the light on the corruption of some men of authority and businessmen, behavioral corruption, bribery and extortion, the corruption of the judiciary, forgery and embezzlement, the way young people are manipulated with hopes and aspirations in exchange for their body organs, and many other painful issues that unfortunately are part of our reality. 

The series does not move away from the fact that there is always hope, it reflects that through love stories that transcend poverty and disappointing endings, and tales of men and women doing their best to prove that there is still a place for goodness in our lives


Starring: Karis Bashar - Fayez Kazak - Samer Ismail - Nadine Tahsin Bey - Nadine El Khoury - Khaled Al Qish - Karam Shaarani - Walaa Azzam - Nour Ali - Yazan Al Sayed - Hassan Khalil


Written by: Ali Saleh


Directed by: Rasha Sharbatji


Soundtrack by : Tariq Al-Nasser


Haramlek (Season 2) / 3:04

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Haramlek (Season 2)

Year of Production: 2020

Story line: the events of the second season develop, after the slave-girls’ plans turned things around, Hanna tries to gain control over the Khan after she successfully takes revenge from Qamar, the events begin to escalate in the light of exploitation, reaping opportunities by legitimate or twisted ways, with the increase in conspiracies of statesmen and the plots of slave girls at the edge of bankruptcy of the Ottoman Empire.

Starring: Jamal Soleiman - Bassem Yakhour - Ahmad Al Ahmad - Qays Sheikh Najib- Samer Al-Masry – Safa Sultan - Dorra - Jenny Esper - Heba Nour.

Written by: Suleiman Abdul Aziz

Directed by: Tamer Ishaq

Soundtrack by: Iyad Rimawi

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Haramlek (Season 1) / 1:08

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Haramlek (Season 1)

Year of Production: 2019

Story line: The series deals with the period when the Mamluks take over power and control of the public political scene, and the defeat of the nation's supposed enemies during the time in which the Ottoman Empire began to disintegrate and the West began to interfere in the details of the Syrian life.

The timeline of the story also covers the period when rituals such as “nights of merriments” spread and the concept of espionage became active.

Starring: Jamal Soleiman - Bassem Yakhour - Ahmad Al Ahmad - Qays Sheikh Najib- Samer Al-Masry - Soulafa Maamar - Dorra - Jenny Esper - Heba Nour

Written by: Suleiman Abdul Aziz

Directed by: Tamer Ishaq

Soundtrack by: Iyad Rimawi

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Jeeran / 5:00

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Year of Production: 2017

Story line: The work tells the story of a group of young men and women of different Arab nationalities, who live in a residential building in Abu Dhabi, it tells the details of their daily relationships as well as the disagreements that occur between them and between the characters who live under the same roof.

Starring: Samia Al-Jazaere, Ahmad Al-Ahmad, Mirhan Hussein, Merna Shalfoun, Junaid Zeineddine, Maan Abdul-Haq.

Written by a group of writers: Hazem Suleiman, Saif Hamed, Maan Saqbani, Mustafa Manas, Shadi Kiwan.

Directed by: Amer Fahed

Soundtrack by: Radwan Nasri

Theme song by: Nour Ireksousi & Mohannad Mshallah


Al-Tuwarid / 4:17

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Year of Production: 2016

Story line: The story revolves around the misfortunes of two infants who were found by the leader of Al-Tuwarid tribe 30 years ago, the leader orders the women of the tribe to take care of them and breastfeed them, and because of their voraciousness, they breastfeed from all the women of the tribe making them breastfeeding brothers for all the girls of the tribe, except for “Wadha”, they start competing to win her heart, the work includes development of events giving us a new story on each episode, the work also comes in harmony with the values of the Bedouin community.

Starring: Nisreen Tafesh, Ahmad Al-Ahmad, Muhammad Hadaki, Abdel Hadi Al-Sabbagh, and Ayman Reda.

Story Idea by: Shady Doeaar

Written by: Mazen Taha

Directed by: Mazen Al-Saadi

Soundtrack by: Fadi Mardini 


Ala’arab (Taht Alhizam) / 2:32

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Ala’arab (Taht Alhizam)

Year of Production: 2016

Story line: the first season ends with the death of Abu Alia, so that his son, Jad, takes over the empire.

With the support of his elder brother, Caesar, they work together to try and dominate over the economic market in Syria during the period of openness that Syria witnessed in 2008.

Despite the death of the leader, the Noah family continues to cling to their ruling power, fighting for it, which leads to many interesting events.

Starring: Bassem Yakhour - Bassel Khayat - Samar Sami- Muna Wassef - Amal Bouchoucha - Dana Mardini- Wael Zeidan - Ayman Abdel Salam

Screenplay and dialogue by: Khaled Kalifeh – Ahmad Qassar

Directed by: Hatem Ali

Soundtrack by: Iyad Rimawi